Big Event Reminder for Mac

Big Event Reminder is the BEST new assistant to make sure you do not miss any more important events. It will remind you of important events prominently on your desktop so you never miss the reminders!

It's many things put into one useful app. It's an event reminder, an alarm, life reminder, and so much more. It will change your life. For the better.

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App Features

  • One time events or recurring events
  • Integrates with iCal
  • Launch at startup
  • Set reminders prior to event time
  • Automatically hide event alerts after custom length of time

Event Settings

  • Show custom image
  • Show custom MP3 or music from iTunes Library
  • Go to a URL (inside alarm or your default browser)
  • Wake computer from Sleep mode (only available on version 1.5
  • Lock your computer
  • Special effects like Shake or music effects
  • Change font size and color
  • Change background color

Need Help?


Try deleting ~/Library/Preferences/ and reinstall Big Event Reminder.


11/15/2014 Updated to version 5.0.2 to be compatible with Yosemite and bug fixes.

2/19/2014 If you want to use the old version 1.5, you can download version 1.5. But again, this version has issues for Mavericks but I recommend it if you are running older versions of Mac OS. Requires you to have already purchased a version from Mac App store for it to run.

2/12/2014 New version 2.5 is out. Bug fixes. Please update

1/28/2014 New version 2.1 is out. Fixes for Mavericks and new features including voice reading of your event name aloud (in case you are away from computer), yearly reminders, and hourly reminders by x hour(s). Thank you again for your support. If you encounter errors, please try these steps here